Space, Grace and Pace


Compared to a number of high-speed catamarans that trade comfort for velocity, Cora Catamarans are widely recognized for their skillful utilization of space. The Cora Cat 48 is a prime example, featuring our uniquely expansive signature flybridge, which outclasses any of its peers in size.

Supplementing ample cabin areas and a roomy galley, we ensure a significant amount of deck space that doesn’t undermine performance. For enhanced safety, Cora Catamarans have a high waterline that assures complete visibility and secure navigation.


Beyond the exceptional performance and expansive space, each model stands as a testament to our craftsmanship, exuding a modern, fluid aesthetic. The Cora Cat 48 can be tailored to meet your specific preferences, offering you a choice between a stylish sailing catamaran or a high-performance power catamaran that aligns with your individual style.


Cora Catamarans utilize swift displacement hulls, offering an effortless blend of speed, superior agility, and impressive fuel efficiency. Our cutting-edge vacuum infusion hull manufacturing method diminishes weight while maintaining robustness, ensuring easy handling whether you’re casually cruising across seas or accelerating powerfully.

Our commitment to time-honored craftsmanship and premium materials makes opting for a Cora Catamaran a discerning choice, gifting you an extraordinary vessel designed to deliver enriching experiences over a substantial duration.



Step aboard the Cora Cat 48 – a potent, family-friendly cruiser that promises to captivate at every twist and turn. Tailored for the discerning seafarer, it effortlessly marries speed and endurance, boasting the longest range of any sub-50 ft power catamaran. With a thrilling capacity to cruise at speeds of up to 22 knots, the Cora Cat 48 invites you to luxuriate in coastal jaunts and bold open-water voyages alike.

The vessel takes inspiration from the successful hull design of the Heliotrope 48 but brings it to new heights. Built by the esteemed PMG Shipyard, the Cora Cat 48 is a stellar testament to decades of luxury yacht design expertise and superior craftsmanship. A comprehensive revamp of its interior and exterior aesthetics, innovative deck moulds, and numerous additions throughout culminate in a catamaran that proudly claims the largest cockpit among flybridge models in the market.

One of the Cora Cat’s many marvels lies in its shoal draft of under 1m and integrated grounding skegs. These features not only provide a beachable escape in emergency situations but also allow you to safely anchor in the most secure and scenic hideaways.

At the heart of the Cora Cat 48 is a focus on practicality, safety, and comfort. Every inch of the yacht exudes state-of-the-art systems, catapulting it beyond competitors in its class in terms of technological innovation. Indulge in the unmatched performance and grandeur of the Cora Cat 48 – it’s more than a yacht; it’s a lifestyle statement. Discover the joy of sea-bound luxury that only a select few can claim. Your journey to unparalleled sea adventures starts here.




LOA 14.75 m / 48.39 ft
BEAM 7.23 m / 23.72 ft
DRAFT 0.99 m / 3.25 ft
AIRDRAFT 6.79 m / 22.66 ft
DISPLACEMENT (MOC) 12,800 kg / 28,219 lbs
DISPLACEMENT (LDC) 24,000 kg / 52,911 lbs
FUEL RANGE 1,400 nautical miles at 8 knots
HOLDING TANK CAPACITY 300 grey litres, 300 black litres
ENGINE 2 x 260 Hp Steyr (17-19 knots)
OPTIONAL ENGINE CONFIG 280 Hp Steyr (21-22 knots)
Volvo Penta IPS D6-IPS650 (29-30 knots)
PMG Shipyard


Cora Catamarans are the masterpieces of the esteemed PMG Shipyard, a privately owned and managed Swiss firm founded in 2004.

Ideally situated by the ocean along the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, the company’s manufacturing hub and offices are housed in a 20,800 square meter facility that boasts direct sea access and its own exclusive launching pier.

PMG Shipyard is a specialist in the creation of opulent yachts and catamarans, encompassing both power and sail types, with brands like Silent Yachts and Heliotrope Catamarans to their name. The Cora Cat 48 is a prime evolution of these production lines.

The shipyard benefits from a strong European influence in its management and vital technical roles. This, combined with an advisory board filled with world-recognized members, enables the development of yachts that are technically superior, stylish, functional, economical, and safe. Among their key management figures are NASA astronaut Michael Lopez Alegria and Raphael Domjan, the founder of Planet Solar. The technical board of PMG regularly collaborates with respected universities and solar research centers, enhancing their proficiency continuously.